Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can we please fire Rick Perry?

Why is it so important to conservatives to increase the number of needy children in Texas? Women who either cannot support a child or know they shouldn't (for various reasons) have just had their decision made even harder.
Dick Perry signed into law a bill that requires women considering abortion to endure a guilt trip, a waiting period, and a biology lesson. The assumption is that women considering abortion are stupid and have no idea that they are carrying what could develop into a child.
Conservatives are unaware of some of the finer points of society and biology. For one thing, sometimes a woman's body aborts a fetus outside of the will of the potential mother. Also, not every woman who can carry a child should. What we need in this country is less unwanted and disadvantaged children, not more.
Lastly, the bill requires that the woman considering an abortion to be given a sonogram and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. So who pays for the sonogram? Hopefully not the tax-payer. Texas already has budget problems. Why can't Dick figure out how to fund schools? Seems a little contradictory doesn't it? Let's bring more children into the world, but we're not going to educate them. I guess the conservative ideal is to ban birth control all together so we have more kids in the workforce (have to lower the legal age for work). This also increases jobs: we need more orphanages and people to work them. Remember that just because a woman can have a child doesn't mean she can take care of it.

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